Admission Policy Statement

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1. When the potential resident wants to apply for residency at Bayview, they must:

• Meet with the Manager, who will ascertain whether or not the potential resident can benefit from the services provided by Bayview Retirement Home and whether or not the potential resident meets the criteria for admission into Bayview Retirement Home.
• Complete an application
• Obtain a physician history and physical (form from Bayview)

2. When the resident is serious about residing at Bayview, the Manager will complete a Mini mental assessment. If it is less than 25 the resident may not meet the Criteria for Admission.

3. The Manager will review the application and make a decision based on the above whether the person is suitable for admission to Bayview.

4. After the application is approved the resident will be placed on the waiting list.

5. When an occupancy is available and is offered to the resident:

• The resident will be contacted and given up to one (1) week to accept the room offer. An appointment may be scheduled to see the room during this week.
• If the offer is accepted, the resident will need to make a $500 deposit and sign a Resident Agreement Form. If Bayview does not receive the deposit and signed agreement within a week of the offer it will go to the next person on the waiting list.

6. Upon signing the Resident Agreement the resident will receive the Resident Information Package that includes additional paperwork which will be completed at a meeting set up prior to the move in date.

7. The resident is required to inform Bayview of their move-in date as soon as possible.

Additional Notes
• The deposit will hold the room/suite for the resident for two (2) months. The billing of the full amount of the rent will commence on the date the resident moves in, or two months after the date of the offer is accepted, whichever is first. If the resident has not moved in within four months. Bayview reserves the right to cancel the agreement, keep the deposit and make the room available for another applicant.
• If the resident refuses a room offered, the resident can choose to remain on the waiting list.
• If the resident’s move-in date occurs more than six (6) months after the medical application has been submitted or there has been a change in the resident’s health status the resident will be asked to have a new medical exam and forms completed by their physician.